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The Sugar Quill LiveJournal Auxiliary

Serving Quillers since 12 March 2002

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This is a LiveJournal community for Sugar Quill enthusiasts. The Sugar Quill is a Harry Potter fan fiction site, run by the esteemed arabe1la and zsenya. We tend to think it ROX.

This is meant to be a place where SQers, miscellaneous Potter addicts, and fans of fan fiction can get together.

However, there are a few rules (or should that be 'RULZ'?):
- When posting a quiz, subsequent quiz-takers should post their results under the original post, not on the top-level.
- When posting surveys, pictures, polls, or something that generally uses a lot of space, use the LJ-cut tag. And, as above, please put all the responses under the original post.
- The Sugar Quill is generally known to 'ship' Ron/Hermione (and, to a lesser extent, Harry/Ginny). However, that does not mean that flaming of any ships--be it slash, Harry/Hermione, or otherwise--will be tolerated here. We may not like it, we may not promote it, but for Merlin's sake, there are plenty of other places to whinge about it. Play nice, kids!

*hem, hem*

- RPG promos and advertisements will no longer be permitted in the community. If you wish to pimp out your RP, please visit either hprpgpromotions or hprpsearch.

This community was created by amaterasu (otherwise known as briteyes), who is in no way connected to the moderation of the Sugar Quill site. Currently, moderation has passed to SQ Forum Ghost, ashavah.

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