doriscrockford2 (doriscrockford2) wrote in sugarquill,

It's almost NaNoWriMo time again ...

I'm going to attempt this for the 4th time in 5 years and would like to chat with other former-Quillers (are we former?  Or are you a Quiller forever?) who are going to be drinking as much coffee as I am in November. :)  I'm AbleHistorian on the NaNo website.  Please add me at will!
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I'm doing Nano for the first time! I'm super-nervous. I'd friend you... you'd be my first friend!
Yay! I miss your post on the SQ boards and look forward to hearing about your NaNo experiences.
I meant "posts". My typing is sometimes hijacked by Yoda.
Thanks! I'm so, so afraid! I don't think I'll win. I friended you, anyway. I'm MichelleZB on Nano.

I don't think you're my LJ friend, are you? Can I friend you here too?
Please do! I've added you, too. Don't be afraid about NaNo -- it's fun and very freeing. The censor is not allowed in November, so let all the crazy characters out to make mischief. :)
Quiller forever sounds good. I slept in my first SugarQuill t-shirt just the other day, and thought exactly that. The quality of that shirt is such that it'll never get worn out EVER, and thus I'll have to be a Quiller forever.

Logic! :D