Eric (ehrick) wrote in sugarquill,

Finding After the End

Hello all,

I recently read After the End (I know, I'm a little behind) by Arabella and Zsenya after about a year of consistent prodding to do so by a good friend. I wish I hadn't waited. It was an excellent piece of fan fiction.

I'm looking into using Lulu to print out of copy of the story to give to my friend as a Christmas gift. I think it would go over well. Here's the problem: the pdf version of the story I found somewhere (maybe the yahoo group?) is the wrong format for Lulu. I can't fix it, since it's a pdf. The pdf mentions that it was generated from LaTeX markup. I'm familiar with LaTeX, and I could make the changes I want if I could get a hold of it.

The yahoo group seems defunct, and an sent using Sugar Quill don't seem to have gone through. Do any of you know who I could get in contact with to get a hold of the LaTeX files? (Even better, do any of you have them?)


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