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Where has After the End gone?

I've been reading fanfic for five or six years now (less now than I used to) and After the End was the first really good fic that I read.
I'm re-reading it right now because I'm sick, and, well, because it's brilliant.
I was on about Chapter 12 earlier today, and all was well.
I tried to access it again about 20 minutes ago, and couldn't. Also, all the links from the homepage no longer send you anywhere (maybe that's been around a while, I haven't been on SQ in ages).
Also couldn't find Alchemilla's "Test of Time", the other SQ story I still have bookmarked.
Can someone else try to find it and let me know how it goes? I'm really worried! (To the extent that I just joined LJ to ask about it)
Fingers crossed for its reappearance... --split_decisions
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